Company Concept

Company Concept

Contributing to society through the creation of our new plan to bring forth passion and excitement.

This new system is a good in itself, a process that bears goods, and also both at the same time. In addition to being new, it also sets forth the ambitious aim to bring forth passion and excitement. As it is considered necessary to explore the structure of passion, the implementation of this concept is thought to be terribly difficult. However, if handled in earnest, I believe those various aspects will be disclosed naturally. We at Ideal Systems are committed to realization of them through our maximum effort.

Business Concept

Researching and developing more effective content, we continue to flexibly expand in an assortment of areas.

Media Development : With an emphasis on design production and the development and planning of various types of media, including educational materials.
Education : Chiefly focused on lecturer dispatch and prep school management.
Overseas Branches : Providing various production services, including those for the education industry, at low costs.

We've developed our business around these three main principles, aiming for further growth through a nucleus made up of the production and creation of a diverse variety of media.